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Guardian is a service that provides fully automated, continuous, in production, real-time data monitoring backed by a Team of Project 3 Consultants that can remediate discovered issues.

This service ensures that the data being captured within an application is accurate and free of issues, so that critical, data-informed decisions can be made.

Guardian runs hundreds of tests against vendor tags present on an application, checking to make sure the tags are configured properly, performing as expected, and collecting the intended data. The real time monitoring of tags allows even the toughest irregularities in data collection to be discovered immediately, thus eliminating and mitigating large gaps in data. When issues are discovered, the Project 3 Team is alerted, a recommended fix is provided, and action can be taken immediately to remedy the issue on your behalf.

Guardian Service also offers clients access to Project 3’s Consulting Team for additional guidance relating to tag implementation, SEO/SEM, data collection, reporting, tagging, and various MarTech questions. Guardian was designed with flexibility and value in mind; Guardian delivers on both.

If data quality, compliance, backed by seasoned MarTech consultants is important to your organization, Guardian is the answer.


Over 55% of Project 3 Consulting clients belong to the Fortune 500.